Month: November 2013

Diabetes Affects Skin

Why Diabetes Affects skin Diabetes Mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases that share the phenotype of hyperglycemia. The metabolic changes associated with diabetes causes secondary pathophysiological changes in multiple organ systems including the skin. What that means in plain English is if diabetes itself is not enough to cope with it is often accompanied by all sorts of unwelcome skin eruptions.Diabetes affects the skin because all medications for diabetes which control the glucose levels affect the skin, in both diabetes type I and type 2 diabetes. The most distressing effects can be seen in type I diabetes after...

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Foot care for Diabetics – The Frightening Statistics

Each week in England there are around 120 amputations in people with diabetes. The majority of diabetes-related amputations are caused by a “foot attack” – a foot ulcer or infection failing to heal. When people with a foot attack get rapid access for treatment by a specialist multi-disciplinary team this has been shown to promote faster healing and fewer amputations, saving money and lives. Amputation is not only devastating in its impact on the person with diabetes and their family, leading to loss of independence and livelihood, It is also expensive for the NHS. Over £119 million is spent...

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