Month: May 2015

How to Manage your Diabetes.

Diabetes is. The reason that you have to be careful of carbohydrates is that they drive your sugar becoming an epidemic all over the world. Yet in nearly every case obesity is a large factor and Controlling your weight is a big step in how to manage your diabetes easily. . Virtually every case was preventable by making small changes in your lifestyle. It is never too late to make those changes and in some cases the changes will reverse your diabetes as it did with Leo. The changes I made were designed to boost his energy while providing him with tasty nourishing meals. In my case it may not serving prepared food. It’s a myth to think that you have to give up sugar forever. It’s also a myth to say that you must cutout carbohydrates.Everybody needs carbohydrate for energy and if you don’t consume enough carbohydrate the body will attack its own Tissue.I devised a series of healthy meals so that there would not be feeling hungry or deprived. Taking control of diabetes Whether you’re trying to prevent or control diabetes,Making lifestyle changes is the key. Medical research has shown that if you lose just 10% of your total weight your blood sugar will be lowered considerably. In Leo’s case this also resulted in reduced cholesterol and blood pressure.Even if you have already got diabetes you can make...

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The Best Diabetic Ice Cream Ever – Coconut and Blueberry Lolly

Is a great recipe 300 g of fresh or frozen blueberries method put all ingredients in a blender and blend300 g of fresh or frozen blueberriesDiabetic ice creams are not the normal vocabulary for diabetics! The best diabetic ice cream ever is a big claim, but one which is entirely justifiable. Home-made ice cream is so much nicer than shop bought ice cream. When you buy ice cream you have no idea how many chemicals, e numbers, additives and any other nasties are, plus added sugar.  The beauty about this diabetic ice cream is the fact you don’t need any special equipment to make it, it is just five simple everyday ingredients. The end result is a delicious tasting and nutrient dense ice cream perfect for a hot summers day. If you can’t buy ice cream moulds then get some plastic cups and freeze them, once they are frozen you can simply run under a cold tap for a minute to release the ice cream on a plate and eat with a spoon.It is a great recipe to make with children because it is so simple and quite honestly it takes longer to eat it and it does to make it. The star ingredient has got to be the coconut milk. Many of you will have heard that can contain saturated fat and in fact this is true. But...

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