Month: June 2015

Diabetic Egg Mayonnaise

There is something very comforting about nursery food. Egg Mayonnaise is one of those foods. It’s squidginessis deeply satisfying at all levels. It doesn’t matter what time of day you are hungry, egg mayonnaise fits the bill – back from the pub -late night munchies- perfect, peckish mid-afternoon it fits the bill. Maybe this is a British thing,The love of sandwiches, rather like the fact there are two types of beer in the world, the type the British drink at the time rest the world drink Maybe we need more savages the rest of the world put together, it is our comfort food. It is something do so well! Crusty bread, mouthwatering strong cheddar, a tangy pickle, the perfect lunchtime fair. Lashings of salt beef on rye bread, accompanied by creamy rich German mustard or bitingly hot Polish mustard, the list goes on of great British sandwiches! It’s no secret that the British invented afternoon tea, in fact that another perfect time to eat Diabetic Egg Mayonnaise sandwiches.This recipe replaces the very heavy calorific fatty mayonnaise with the healthier avocado fat option! This option makes a diabetic egg mayonnaise sandwich healthier it doesn’t take any of the richness and sublime taste away.It still has the same wonderful chunky texture. An added bonus is it also has a richer greener more vibrant color than the rather insipid looking, but great...

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Diabetes and fatty liver

Diabetes and fatty liver were not thought to be connected until Italian medical researchers described the reversal of diabetes patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery. After major got surgery patients are unable to eat and now they thought that through a drip. In this case they were drip fed a total of 1800 calories a day for six days. After the first week most of them have lost about 6 kg but what was the most startling result was the fact that they glucose tolerance level was normal. This weight loss and subsequent reversal of diabetes was not a result of the surgery because it occurred before they started eating and utilising the new got. The doctors concluded that there diabetes had reversed because they were unable to eat and the drip was less calories than they would normally having in the day prior to surgery. The weight loss was accompanied by loss of fat from the liver, and the study is the why this happened was taken up by Prof Roy Taylor from Newcastle University. His objective was to examine the effect of sudden weight loss on the blood glucose levels and the fat in the liver of 11 people with an existing type II diabetes condition. He carried out there is blood test and MRI scans to look at the liver and pancreas. They were then placed...

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Diabetes and sleep.

The relationship between diabetes and sleep is not complicated but it is very relevant in determining whether or not diabetics can lose weight. Everybody knows that need enough sleep but unfortunately there’s always a little bit more telly to watch, a little bit more reading to be done, a little bit more chatting with friends or family. The recommended amount of sleep need now is between eight and nine hours a night. In years gone by everybody got eight hours but now sleep is one of the things that is compromised in many people’s busy lives. Modern research indicates that if you don’t get between eight and nine you will find it harder to lose weight, and if you do you will find it harder to keep it up. You know when you get a in the morning feeling tired you are much more inclined to eat more. Either you want a sugar rush because you are tired which is youyour sugar levels and then leaves you feeling more fractious and more tired or needing sugar and hour later. Sugary foods give you a quick burst of energy but once that sugar energy boosters crashed you need more. Relationship Between Diabetes and Sleep and Hormones The length and quality of your sleep regulates your hormonal activity which in turn regulates your appetite.There are two hormones that affect appetite leptin...

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The Science behind Diet to Reverse type 2 Diabetes.

Save this on Delicious Whilst I was researching into a diet to reverse type 2 diabetes, I began to look at the science behind why some people become diabetic, whilst others don’t. We all know that there is a link between obesity and diabetes, but why is it that some people become diabetic with a body mass index of 32, whilst others who have a morbidly obese body mass index and they don’t become diabetic? For instance Leo had a body mas index of 31 and developed type 2 diabetes, whilst mine was 45 and I had a very low risk of diabetes, because my glucose readings were very low. We all know as well that diabetes can run in families, studies have shown that first connected relatives such as father and son, or sisters are at last three times more likely to become diabetic if there is a history of diabetes in the family.(Flores et al., 2003; Hansen 2003; Gloyn 2003). Mono zygotic, or identical twins share identical genes, yet in only about 1 in three cases both will be diabetics. Clearly we are not hardwired to be diabetic, because there is no one diabetic gene, but that does not mean that more than one gene is involved in a predisposition to higher than average blood sugar levels. Of course it is not just genetic influences that make...

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Healthy fats for diabetics

There is a lot of information for diabetics out there, about healthy foods for diabetics but not a lot of it explains healthy fats for diabetics. What foods to avoid with diabetes, but not what fats. Eating saturated fats increases your risk of heart disease and that is a problem for diabetics because they are more risk of heart disease than the rest of the population. Unfortunately that doesn’t tell the whole story some saturated fats are healthy. Harmful and healthy fats for diabetics. Fats can be either helpful or harmful in your diet. People with diabetes are at...

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