My name is Catherine and I have been inspired to write about diabetes cure diet  by my husband Leo, who refused to accept that diabetes was a lifelong condition. He was diagnosed as a diabetic seven years ago at the age of sixty, and he had to take the maximum dosage of metformin. He Diabetes cure LEOaccepted the diagnosis and took the tablets.

Gradually as the implications of diabetes sunk in, he began to question whether or not diabetes was a life sentence. His Doctor told him that even if he changed his lifestyle, and got his sugar readings under control he would still be on diabetic medication as a precaution for the rest of his life.

He decided that he was going to change his lifestyle and get the diabetes under control. First of all he exercised more and watched his intake of carbohydrates. He was able to take his own sugar levels daily and a pattern began to emerge as he noticed which foods drove his sugar levels high.

The number of changes necessary to care for diabetes can be overwhelming. It’s hard to get started and hard to keep at it. Making choices about what changes you will make now, what changes you will or will not make later, as well as where you will start is part of the work of managing diabetes.

Understanding what is important in your life is a vital step in that process. Part of Leo’s transformation occurred because he knew that as he aged he may not be as able to be active, and then he would have to inject himself with insulin, and he did not want that to happen.

Gradually he regained control, his weight dropped and the level of medication dropped. He had started on four metformin a day the maximum daily dose and  within eighteen months he had come off the diabetic medication. He became one of only twenty eight people in the UK to overcome type 2 diabetes. He is still on the diabetic register, but he has only to go to the clinic once a year.

About Diabetes Cure Diet

This blog is a tribute to him and his struggles, it is intended to be a portal of information about diabetes and its complications. Not every diabetic will want to make those lifestyle changes, because they are permanent. You may be on a journey to change your lifestyle and take control of your diabetes, in which case consider bookmarking About diabetes Cure Diet. You may never want to make those changes you are happy with your life as a diabetic and happy to take medication, or you may feel that you cannot reverse your type 2 diabetes. Never the less about diabetes cure diet will help to inform you of your condition.

There is a lot of research going on now about diabetes because it is becoming a global epidemic and this has led to some myths about diabetes. Many pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest to protect their profits and that means they do not want patients to cure their diabetes, they want you to continue taking drugs to control it, but modern research will indicate that type 2 diabetes does not have to be progressive or irreversible. As far as I am concerned Leo had cured his diabetes, but some health professionals would say he is remission. That is a matter of semantics as far as I am concerned he is no longer taking any diabetic medication.