My guess is that every diabetic has asked their diabetic nurse whether or not type II diabetes is curable and or they have typed into Google “Can you cure type 2 diabetes?” If you asked that question even five years ago the chances are you would have been told that diabetes is a lifelong condition that has to be regulated by medication and/or insulin.

Today, the picture is very different, we know that type II diabetes is curable and evidence is emerging that type I diabetes can also be reversed. I am not an expert on type I diabetes, but I do know how to cure type 2 diabetes. Six years ago my husband, Leo, decided he had had enough of being a diabetic. He was on the maximum daily dosage of metformin and the next step getting full-blown type I diabetes and having to inject insulin into his body every day was only a step away.

I think, to be honest, it was fear that made him take that step. I had always said that a cure was possible if you changed not only his diet but his lifestyle. I think to make that change was too hard when he was on the minimum dosage of metformin. It’s such an easy step isn’t it to just take one tablet a day. It doesn’t sound at all life-threatening.

Unfortunately, newly diagnosed diabetics didn’t always have the full facts, six years ago. He was told that diabetes wouldn’t kill him and that fact is very true. Sadly he wasn’t told that the complications of diabetes always shorten your life, often by as much as 10 years and that they are very capable of killing you!


How Can you cure type 2 diabetes?

Leo stopped taking his diabetic medication six years ago. The cure was immediate in the sense that his medication was reduced from four Metformin a day to 3 Metformin a day in one month. It took less than six months to become medication free.

Of course, that’s not just being free of taking medication every day but it is also freedom from worry. Little things like travel insurance are cheaper because you are not diabetic.You don’t have to worry or fret that you can’t leave the house without your medication. As we age it is so easy to walk out of the door and forget even the important things.
Can you cure type 2 diabetes?

The greatest freedom is the fact that you lose all the paraphernalia of diabetes. Sometimes all the gubbins of diabetes is overwhelming. There are the diabetic strips – lovely when you go out to a restaurant and then have to take out a piece of machinery and prick your finger to see what your sugar reading is.

Everything seems so much easier and possible when all of that worry and stress simply melts away. To be fair, there is never any guarantee that you will be diabetes free forever. Leo knows that as he ages he may slow down and become diabetic again.

That doesn’t seem really important at least now he has had six worry free years. That is also six years when his body has not been ravaged by the complications of diabetes. It is given his body a chance to be normal.

Whatever happens, in the future will be but he has to be healthier in the long term as a result of making that change.

How Can you cure type 2 diabetes?

I think as an outsider looking into the diabetic world the first and most important step is the shift in your brain. As Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
You did not become diabetic overnight and you can change it virtually overnight. To do so, you have to change your approach to the way you eat. This change is permanent.
Small changes make a difference to your sugar levels. Add all of these small changes together and they make a tidal wave of change. However, you do not have to implement them all overnight. Although they will become a time if you want to break the cycle of diabetic medicine that you will have to make all of the changes.
In my experience to change permanently, you have to change a habit. If you change something for 30 days it has become a habit and that change can be permanent.
To cure type II diabetes, you need to reduce the levels of carbohydrate you eat. You may be surprised that to do this you do not have to cut out carbohydrates – in fact that’s not a good idea everybody needs carbohydrates for energy.

You have to change the types of carbohydrate that you eat.To do this, you have to bear in mind that everybody has a different body with different experiences. You have to do test for yourself how you react to different forms of carbohydrate.
For instance, most medical advice advises you to eat brown rice as opposed to white rice. The one thing that drove Leo sugar levels through the roof was rice in any form. Brown rice was the worst sugar spike of all, it was worse than Basmati rice, white rice, wild rice et cetera.
You have to work out which carbohydrates are better for you personally. Another decision you have to make is whether you want to have a tiny amount of your favourite type of carbohydrate or a portion size of an alternative.
He found that bulgur wheat did not create a huge sugar spike. He decided that although he didn’t like it as much as brown rice he preferred to eat a normal portion of bulgur wheat which filled him up, rather than a spoonful of rice which left him hungry.These choices are personal. First of all work out which foods drive your sugar levels through the roof the chances are they will be processed food, sugar or cakes. Find alternatives to these foods.
You may not find these alternatives overnight but don’t give up finding an alternative to to chocolate biscuits in the afternoon. It might be a fresh mango or a fruit salad.
Whatever food choices you make refine the carbohydrates that you eat and reduce your overall carbohydrate intake and you will cure your diabetes