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Diabetic Dieting Principals

Diabetic dieting principles

Diabetic dieting principles are not about doing without and starving they are about being aware of the type of foods you are putting in your mouth and, in fact, most people eat more rather than less. Many people benefit from a detox diet, unfortunately, the short term detox diet is harsh and very hard to […]

Kefir – Why you Should Make it and Eat i

Kefir – Why you Should Make it and Eat it

Why kefir Is A Superfood There are several types of kefir – kefir grains, kefir cheese and kefir milk. Kefir becomes a fermented food which is also incidentally a probiotic by culturing fresh milk with kefir grains. Kefir grains are life colonies of over 30 bacteria and yeast living together in harmony in a stable […]

Diabetes and sleep.

Diabetes and sleep.

The relationship between diabetes and sleep is not complicated but it is very relevant in determining whether or not diabetics can lose weight. Everybody knows that need enough sleep but unfortunately there’s always a little bit more telly to watch, a little bit more reading to be done, a little bit more chatting with friends […]