Diabetic Dieting Principals

Diabetic dieting principles are not about doing without and starving they are about being aware of the type of foods you are putting in your mouth and, in fact, most people eat more rather than less. Many people benefit from a detox diet, unfortunately, the short term detox diet is harsh and very hard to […]

All About Detoxing

I used to think that I knew all about detoxing, it’s not hard is it you just eat lettuce leaves and starve.In fact, I could not have been further from the truth. I was very lucky a friend gave me her detox diet which she had followed for a month and still dropped a dress […]

The Essential Basics of Nutritional Healing For Diabetics.

Sometimes the basics of Nutritional Healing For Diabetics¬† are overlooked in this highly technological age, yet we cannot get away from ¬†the fact that what we put in out mouths has a direct impact on the way we feel, and if we do it for long enough our health. Granted it is too simplistic to […]

Good Reasons Why Diabetics Should Eat Mackerel

Mackerel is an oily fish best eaten fresh. It is characterised by its bright skin see below and the colours which may be green or blue should be visible. The eyes also should be very clear if the skin looks at and the eyes on bright then the fish is old Because mackerel is found […]

Healthy Eating And Diet Defined.

Over the years much has been said about healthy eating and a lot of it has been conflicting. There are several traditional diets which have always been favoured by nutritionists because they are high in fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fats. Recently researchers have declared that the Icelandic diet is the most healthy. […]