Healthy Eating Comes In Stages

healthy eating Kale
We all know we should eat better, but sometimes life gets in the way of healthy eating ! Some kids are more faddy eaters than others and it is hard to get them to try new foods. Unfortunately the only way to get kids to eat a wider range of food is to expose them to these food groups. For instance your child may hate apples, which is no problem in itself if they are exposed to other fruits. Pears have a similar nutritional value and substituting one for the other is no problem. Few children hate all fruits and very few of them hate mango, but you will never know until you try.

Your digestive system is crucial to detoxifying your body. Help it along by getting plenty of fibre in your diet. Chew your food very well, this has the dual effect of breaking the food down to make the digestive system work better. The secondary reason chewing food is great is that it slows down your eating, you can’t bolt down your food. That way your body understands naturally when it has had enough. You should always eat until your body no longer feels hungry but not until your stomach is fit to bursting and you feel sick.

Cooking your own HEALTHY EATING food at home

get into the habit of making and preparing meals for yourself. This does not mean you have to be a slave in the kitchen for hours every day there are plenty of healthy meals which can be prepared in less than half an hour. Completely home-made food starting from scratch is instantly healthier because you know exactly what has gone into it. When you buy processed foods in the supermarket even when it is marked healthy for low-fat or some other such label which lulls you into a false sense of security, remember it has toxins in the form of preservatives. Flavour your food with herbs and spices rather than salt which contains massive amounts of sodium. If you must use salt use pink Himalayan salts which is the purest salt in the world and contains less sodium.

Healthy drinks include green tea, herbal teas, infusions such as lemon tea, Mint tea, chamomile tea. Fruit teas such as raspberry tea contains massive amounts of sugar and they are also very acid. Both of these reasons are good enough to curtail their use, drink them when you have a toothbrush handy to clean your teeth afterwards or as a special treat. Don’t add extra sugar to drinks and especially not in the form of artificial sweeteners. Although these are marketed as healthier they are actually jampacked full of toxic and they should be avoided. If you must have sugar by a product like Stevia which is a vegetable sugar and is much sweeter than white refined sugar and contains less calories.

One of the ways you can increase different food groups and vegetables into your diet is by consciously eating something of every colour every day. Purple foods include aubergines, purple carrots, beetroot. Yellow foods include yellow peppers. Orange foods includes carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, salmon. Red foods include tomatoes, apples, raspberries, strawberries. Green foods include spinach, Kale, Brussels sprouts, peas, green beans, avocado. White food include potatoes, leeks, garlic, almonds.

Don’t strive for perfection

A healthy diet should have no banned foods unless there is a very good reason to exclude food such as an allergy. You cannot eat healthily 100% of the time you need and should have a treat. If you eat healthily for 90% of the time it really doesn’t matter what you put in your mouth of the other 10%. For instance if you eat food that is lean and clean every day of the week then one day a week you should have a healthy chocolate and peanut butter cake or a seed muffin. There are plenty of sweet treats that you can have which are healthy and nutritious. Also they serve a purpose of kickstarting your metabolic rate if you are trying to lose weight you can plateau but having a small amount of something sweet can kickstart your metabolic rate. That means small and a treat not a massive amount of hot chocolate fudge cake with cream every day.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, if life gets in the way and you eat a takeaway, make it a healthy takeaway instead of having a Doner kebab and chips have one made with chicken breast and loads of salad without mayonnaise.Another healthy alternative is a tandoori chicken another healthy alternative is tandoori chicken with loads of salad, if you want to have carbohydrate have a chapatti which is made out of wholemeal bread rather than a naan bread made out of white flour. If you make beneficial health choices most the time then count yourself as the success. Making a conscious decision to eat healthily is just that a decision and the more you stick to it the easier it gets.

The term diet comes from the Greek word dieta, which literally translated means “manner of living”, that the definition is a lifestyle choice which is permanent. Yet many of us regard healthy eating is a short-term solution a means to an end i.e. losing weight. Because as humans we are impatient there are many diets with sensationalist claims which state things like lose a stone in a week. Unfortunately weight loss like this is not fat loss it is only water and as such it is not sustainable in the water will return when you eat normally. We need to eat for optimum health rather than a short-term solution.

Our meal plans will help you process information by giving you getting started planning shopping lists sample recipes and yummy pictures to drool over. Make the changes one day at a time and before you know it you will have achieved a truly healthy lifestyle, for life.

Is food really the problem?

Quite often we think is food as being a problem whilst often it is a symptom. One are emotional some people don’t eat anything at all and some people stuff their faces. Children learn to associate eating with their emotions partly because our digestive system kicks and neurotransmitters into life. These produce serotonin which is responsible for making us feel happier and balancing our moods. Food is a vital part of maintaining good health which should last a lifetime but it is not the only key to an overall healthy lifestyle.

The Cabbage Diet

Take the cabbage diet it is an example of an extreme seven-day diet which basically includes fruit and vegetables with a tiny amount of protein and carbohydrate all wrapped up in an awful lot of cabbage soup. Many people who have tried it don’t last a week they suffer from nausea, dizziness and headaches bloating and muscle weakness generally caused through lack of proper nutrition. If you last the week you will probably have lost a lot of weight in terms of water once you eat again the diet you wait before the weight gain will be rapid!

Many medical studies illustrating the link between constant weight loss and gain and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, altered immune function and strokes. Medical evidence has shown that intermittent fasting is a sure way to kickstart weight loss albeit sufficient cravings such as sugar addiction. However long-term fasting is lead to nutritional deficiencies. There are many people in the world world who are suffering from malnutrition. It’s better to make small changes on a daily basis.

Start small on a day-to-day basis.

Instead of drinking a regular Coca-Cola exchange one of them for fizzy water. Exchange one packet of crisps for a piece of fruit. Some people get a photograph when they are fat and place it on the fridge. However generally find that a photograph of you when you are fit and well and healthy will motivate you much more. Don’t forget the support of your family and friends. Explain to them why you need to make the change to healthy eating. Mean you have to be cut off from your family and friends are going to house to eat suggest that you take a prepared dish that way diet is not completely sabotaged.

The time factor!

A lot of people say that they don’t have time to eat healthily! It is no harder to carry a banana than a chocolate bar, it is perfectly wrapped and ready to eat. A well-stocked fruit bowl, keep healthy snacks such as hummus and chopped carrot and celery in the fridge. Make extra portions and freeze them for the times when you haven’t time to cook.

Look at your current eating habits as a family. Examine the good and the bad. Do you skip meals particularly breakfast? Is it for you to eat in front of the television and mindlessly put food into your mouth without testing it. Do you have every day? Do you eat when you are not hungry just because it is mealtime? If you answer yes to more than two of those questions then you have an opportunity to change your relationship to food.

When you are not hungry is more common than you may think. It is not always easy for humans to realise when they are thirsty and we often mistake thirst for hunger. If you still hungry an hour after you have eaten try a glass of water. If you are thirsty then you will no longer feel hunger if you are still hungry half an hour later then eat.

Boredom is another factor, as is mindless eating. The family eat late night snacks whilst watching television? If they do the chances are that they are highly calorific processed foods packed with sugar and salt. Just be aware of these triggers. Start one evening a week eating fruit if you are hungry.

Replacing bad snacks with good, is a great start to Healthy Eating
If you can’t eliminate a situation that minimise the damage. Instead of eating in front of the television insist that your family sit at a table to eat. There are two reasons for this the first is sitting upright will improve your digestion. The second is you are likely to concentrate on eating rather than the television. Instead of having a cake in the afternoon, go out and have a 10 minute walk. If you are hungry is a piece of fruit.

Whilst you are making the transition towards healthy food it will not happen overnight. There will be times when you fire off the wagon as it were. When you do so get right back back on the horse! Don’t blow the whole day and say I may as well be what I like the rest of the day because the holidays ruined! It’s not something you shouldn’t live with it.