Nutritional Healing For Diabetics.Sometimes the basics of Nutritional Healing For Diabetics  are overlooked in this highly technological age, yet we cannot get away from  the fact that what we put in out mouths has a direct impact on the way we feel, and if we do it for long enough our health. Granted it is too simplistic to say we are what we eat, but what we eat does contribute directly to how we are. If you doubt that statement go to the local park and have a look at five year olds after they have had a massive sugar hit. they are chasing around like the road runner on steroids.

When you cure your diabetes through diet and exercise or just diet then you have allowed your body to heal itself . In doing so you have forced your body to confront the cause of diabetes and not just the symptoms. A side effect of this is the fact that other additional health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease and the risk of a stroke, all of these diminish in direct proportion. Your doctor should show you a graph where you can see this happening, it is quite something to watch.

As your body undergoes nutritional healing there are other changes happening that perhaps might not be so noticeable or spectacular but non the less indicate an improvement in your overall health. Opportunist infections are diminished as are some of the side effects or complications of diabetes. You overall skin tone improves, your eyes will be brighter and your concentration improves.

It is important to realise that holistic nutritional healing deals with the whole body, you can’t instruct your body to just heal a broken arm, and ignore the massive migraines.  Also everyone is an individual and it is important to realise that you have to listen to your body – there is no one solution fits all in health ever, whatever your medical advisors will tell you. Everyone’s body chemistry is absolutely unique unless of course they are an identical twin, in which case they share it with the twin, this arises from genetic factors and constitution and environment. However, nothing is written in stone. Just because you have a family history of a disease does not mean that you will inherit it even if your twin does.

Incredibly you can as an identical twin share the same genetic makeup and have an identical environment all your life and not have the same health. It is not entirely known why this is, but it can only be a belief system. It may be that one thinks okay it happened to every one of my family, they are all diabetics, but I am going to nourish my body and be well. If you think that chances are you will be right.

As Henry Ford once said

“Whether you think ou can or you can’t chances are you are right !”

Nutritional Healing For Diabetics

Although the treatment may well be different and you will have to listen to your own body and build up a sense of awareness of what is going on in your body, the factors that led you to be diabetic will have had several factors which are in common with most diabetics. No one is born with type 2 diabetes you develop it in the course of your life.

Modern nutritional therapists believe that  most states of ill health are brought about by four main factors, when they have not been caused by accident or trauma.

The Four Main Courses of Nutritional Ill Health

  1. Hypochlorhydria – Insufficient Stomach Acid
    Insufficient Stomach Acid causes more problems than an excess. The stomach needs an acid environment for several reasons. The primary reason is the fact that the stomach needs to be acidic to digest protein. Don’t forget that protein is one of the  building blocks we need  for health and if we don’t digest it, our bodies cannot absorb it. The stomach has to empty properly because if it doesn’t it forces acid back up into the throat, this is a horrible condition called heartburn. An acid  environment is critical for the absorption of micronutrients such as selenium, iron, copper and zinc. Finally acid also acts to sterilize the stomach which kills off all the bacteria and yeast from incompletely digested foods.The stomach requires an acid environment for several reasons. Unfortunately some people produce a low amount of it for reasons which are not properly understood yet, and also as we age our bodies produce less stomach acid.

2. Allergies caused by Poor Gut Health.

           We all know that kids today seem to have far more allergies than kids did fifty years ago. It seems today the world and his dog have a peanut       allergy. Extensive medical research has been carried out on this phenomena and it has been decided that this has to do with a reduction of good bacteria in the gut. This is often governed by family history, but you can improve the situation by eating probiotics or fermented food.

3. Nutrient deficiency caused by poor absorption or eating the wrong food groups.

There are two reasons for this  the first is a condition called leaking gut syndrome which we will talk about tomorrow in depth. It means that it needs a greater discussion because whenever medics calls something as syndrome it means that not everyone agrees in its existence examples are Attention deficit syndrome. “Leaky gut syndrome” is said to be a reaction in the immune system to toxins that have been reabsorbed  into the bloodstream from the gut. Scientists generally agree that this permeability can exist, but not every doctor is convinced it is harmful.


Toxicity occurs when there is too much of a substance in the body for instance sugar  and when the body can’t eliminate it or excrete it through the skin or through the gut it builds up to high levels which cause complications. In the case of diabetes, these complications are eye problems, skin eruptions and kidney failure amongst other things.

The beauty about nutritional healing is the fact that it can be introduced at your own pace. Leo did it all in one go with an all or nothing approach. However there is no reason you have to use this commando approach, you can start by changing your habits by one meal, one day, one week at a time. Medically if you change your diet gradually you have a better chance of it working in the long term. This is not a fad nutritional healing it is something that has to be changed for life.

you don’t have to be a health freak, or a vegetarian to benefit from nutritional healing, but it does by definition involve eating a lot of antioxidants and they are found in fruit and vegetables. That does not mean that you can’t eat meat, in fact, it does not mean that nay food is banned you can have a piece of apple pie, but be prepared for it. Don’t eat it after a heavy carb meal such as pasta eat it after a salad or a meal with very low carbs.

Nutritional Healing For Diabetics is the best way forward for you to lead a new life free of diabetic medicine.





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