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One of the greatest health problems most urban citizens face these days is Obesity. The causes could be anything ranging from junk food or unhealthy lifestyles to improving standards of living and comfort seeking attitudes, rather than weight loss. Whatever the reason might be, the effects could be serious if the problem is ignored.

We all know what we should eat to be healthy, and whilst the rules of healthy eating are easy most people realize that the reality is very different, many people think that they do not have time to eat healthily.

Would you feel differently if you knew that healthy eating reduces your life span, well of course you know  that, but I guess it depends on your age how seriously you take that warning. If you are in your teens you may think that healthy eating does not apply to you.

Diabetic Diet

Diabetes type 2 used to be a disease of the middle aged, but today it isn’t. It is becoming a global problem and yet in many cases it has been proved that just losing 10% of your entire body weight will make a big difference to your glucose levels.

The first step to controlling his diabetes for Leo was to deal with his excess weight! What was perhaps incredible was the fact that the health benefits were evident immediately. Within a week he had lost 2 pounds which is the recommended amount of weight to lose to keep it off.

Diabetics cannot afford to go on fat diets or to starve themselves. He found a healthy way of snacking. I devised several different types of humus make the traditional way with chickpeas, but I added roasted pepper, or Indian spices, or spinach et cetera. I also devised who must with different types of beans.

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Diabetic diet